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Ok so you are paying for social media, and you’re paying for Google Adwords and you’re paying for, organic SEO and the list goes on. But what is working?? Well that’s where Google Analytics comes in.

What is Google Analytics

It’s easy. It’s simple a report that shows you how many people visited your website and where they came from. But it’s powerful. It means you might be thinking of getting rid of Social Media because it costs to much and you don’t feel it’s working but what if I told you I can run a report that might show you 20% of your customers are coming through social media. Does that mean you would pull the pin on 20% of you customers? That’s how powerful Google Analytics is, you are in control, you can make confident decisions on your marketing spend.

What Can I See In The Reports?

Everything and anything you want. It’s as detailed or as high level as you want it to be. Most customers want to see

-How many people came to my site this month?

-What pages did they visit?

-How long were they on my website for?

-Where did they come from E.g. Social Media, Google Adwords, Typed your website in directly etc

Honestly the sky is the limit, you can find out where they are located, what device they are using, practically what they had for breakfast.


Well What Does It Cost?

You get all this for a song. Basically pay us for an hour each month and you get all that data. It’s a no brainer right. Obviously if you want more complicated reports it might turn into 2 hours but overall it’s a low cost for powerful information on justifying what you spend on advertising.

What's The Catch?

No catch, pay money, get information on what your customers are doing each month and then modify your business plan accordingly. I can’t think of how you would run a modern online business without it.

When Can I Sign Up Then?

Today. Just pickup the phone and call 0448295951 or click the button below if you are on a mobile phone!