Email Marketing Newsletters with Mailchimp in Orange

Reach More Clients With Newsletters

We make reaching a large audience of clients easy using Mail Chimp. We hand craft personalised newsletters to engage your growing customer base and maximise sales.

Ok So What Is Mail Chimp

It’s easy. Mail Chimp allows us to send professional newsletters to your clients marketing anything you want to sell. New sales, New items, special promotions, loyalty rewards, you name it we can email it.

What Do I Need To Do?

Simply send us a few photos each month and your latest promotion and we do the rest. No work from you, a small management fee from us and your customers start engaging with your latest offer. See more customers through the door today by simply contact us to see how we can help.

When Can I Sign Up Then?

Today. Just pickup the phone and call 0448295951 or click the button below if you are on a mobile phone!