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Top 10 Social Media Tips Orange NSW

I know what you’re thinking “How do I gain new customers via social media in Orange NSW?”, or perhaps you simply don’t know why your current social media campaigns aren’t performing well. Fear not, by applying our Top 10 tips you will attract new customers not just from Orange but from all over the Central West.

The bottom line is you want more customer interaction including shares, likes, clicking links to your website or social media site to increase your business profile and profit, so read these steps to make it happen.

The 10 Basics Of Social Media
1. Know Your Customers

What do your customers find interesting, engaging and thought provoking? You must answer this question first in order to gain customer interaction on your social media site. You can find this out by utilising some great search tools online provided free from Google such as the Keyword Planner found here. This planner allows you to check what customers in your area have been searching for. For something a bit easier why not try Google Trends, again showing the current searches performed in your area.
2. Think Like A Customer

Your customers use social media to enjoy themselves, not to buy things from your business. So with that said you need to be creative in how you attract customers to a paid ad or a post in social media. Don’t push your wares directly at them every post. A product post once in every 10-15 posts is fine but if every post is selling your wares then chances are you’ll be ignored by the social media users. The main purpose is to get your customer engaged and the sales part will follow.
3. Use Amazing Pictures

Facebook, Instagram, Google+ etc all respond to great Imagery. The more engaging the picture, the better the click rate to your social media page will be. Use emotive pictures of people like someone breaking a computer for a computer service social media campaign or a burst water pipe of a person for a plumbing business. Don’t just use the same image over and over, or repost old content or again it will not be engaged with.
4. Video Is Essential

In the world of YouTube video is the ultimate sales tool to your customers. If your not using then you should be as you will increase customer engagement including more likes, shares and customer interactions with your website. There are a plethora of great tools out there today that make creating videos easy such as using adobe premiere to make professional videos or simply use your iphone to make short videos of your products you wish to sell and post them direct to social media. Either way you must post videos today if you want to get above the competition.
5.  Increase Your Website Rankings

Yes that’s right, you can even increase your website rankings by providing quality content on your website like a blog or article such as this and sharing it via social media with a link back to your site which in turn increases your Google rankings and positively affects your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
6. Content Is King

You must have quick catchy content in your social media post. Most peoples attention span today is very short so by placing something that makes them laugh, or invokes an emotional reaction is the best chance for you to get the customer to engage with your post and read further.
7. Use A Great Post Title

Don’t just say “Jim’s Dry Cleaning”, use something powerful like “Your Life Will Never Be The SAME!!!” This will instantly engage your reader and your content needs to then live up to the hype by providing your customer something they can’t live without.
8. Stay Consistent

If you have a few great social media marketing campaigns and actually start attracting new customers to your site then don’t lose them by stopping your posts for a few months. It took time and money to gain those followers of your site so keep your content fresh and current with weekly posts. It doesn’t have to be the biggest post but it just need to show you are engaging with them.
9. Research Your Competition

Check our your competitors Social Media sites and websites. What are they doing? How are they posting content and has it resulted in lots of followers? You don’t have to reinvent the wheel, just borrow some great ideas and put your own spin on it.
10. Hire A Professional

Sometimes to maintain a social media site let alone multiple social media sites is too time consuming for most small businesses. Luckily Web Designs Orange can create, post and market your business via social media at the best rate so you don’t have. Call us today on 0263621835 or visit our website www.webdesignsorange.com.au for more information.

Webdesign-Social-Media-Orange (2)
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