Terms and Conditions

  1. WebDesigns Orange shall create a fully functional web site as outlined in the chosen package provided we are provided the relevant content and necessary support from our customer to complete the website.
  2. Revisions are classified as changing a standard template to match the customer’s colours and logos. It does not involve the changing of the chosen template structure. Custom changes include the addition or change of the chosen template. Any included custom change as part of our packages will need to be quoted on additionally that will be provided to the customer for sign off before proceeding
  3.  There is a limit of 30 photos included to be uploaded for each package chosen unless agreed to in the quotation. Additional photos requiring uploads will be done so at our hourly rate.
  4.  The website we create for you will be designed for current browsers and although care is taken to test the function and style of the website in older browser versions, we cannot guarantee full 100% compatibility for all browsers.  For compatibility with specific browsers/versions additional costs will apply. Some effects may not also work in older browsers.
  5.  Upon completion of the project and after receiving full payment, the customer will gain full rights and ownership of the website and its design. Until such time the website will be strictly accessible on the admin side to WebDesigns Orange for quality control purposes.
  6.  Timeframes are to be negotiated as part of the initial undertaking of the project and agreed by both parties. However, as our workloads, available staff resources and customer availability can fluctuate it is not always possible to reach agreed deadlines. The customer accepts that timeframes may need to change in these situations.
  7.  WebDesigns Orange reserves the right to make portfolio use of the website once the website has been completed.
  8.  When customers choose a maintenance plan with WebDesigns Orange, we shall take all reasonable measures to maintain the uptime and reliability of the website. WebDesigns Orange is not liable for any damages or costs nor is WebDesigns Orange responsible for any work to correct and or restore the site in the event of but not limited to malicious attacks, hacking or virus and malware incursions or other forms of site downtime not listed.
  9.  When the customer has implemented any changes to the website including but not limited to editing code, installing third party components, removing files or changing file permissions, WebDesigns Orange will charge the customer at our hourly rate to rectify and/or recover the website.
  10.  The customer agrees that they have entered into this Agreement upon acceptance of Web Designs Orange commencing a project. The customer agrees that they own or have obtained appropriate and necessary licenses and permanent rights for any intellectual property or assets supplied by the customer to WebDesigns Orange.
  11.  The customer indemnifies WebDesigns Orange and its subcontractors against any and all claims, lawsuits, costs and expenses, including reasonable legal costs, arising in connection with the web site. This indemnification includes but is not limited to assets obtained by WebDesigns Orange on behalf of the customer. It is the customers responsibility to ensure their website is not in breach of any legalities not Web Designs Orange.
  12.  Any and all intellectual property or assets that the customer is to supply for the web site shall be provided to WebDesigns Orange within the first 30 days of project commencement. The customer shall proofread and edit such material prior to providing it to WebDesigns Orange. WebDesigns Orange agrees that any materials supplied by the customer, whether for the web site or in relation to the business purposes for its development, shall be treated as confidential and neither disclosed to third parties nor used in any way other than for the development of the web site except for where those 3rd parties contractors, or subcontractors are directly involved in the development of the website as an outsourced supplier of services. Web Designs Orange reserves the right to use that provided confidential information in the persuit of formulating quotations, performing web development by utilising 3rd parties etc . At the completion of work, WebDesigns Orange shall return any requested materials by the customer if required to do so.
  13. It is agreed by the Client that Web Designs Orange may use additional contractors or web development agencies or relevant media agencies outside of Web Designs Orange in order to produce quoted work where it’s believed to provide value to the customer in order to meet quoted or invoiced requirements. This may also be done during the requirements gathering phase for quotations to provide the most accurate quotations possible.
  14. If Web Designs Orange is supplied with sensitive information as part of engaging Web Designs Orange, although we do our best to respect customer privacy and use systems around that to protect that privacy, we bear no responsibility if this data is lost, stolen, or is maliciously taken. The Client accepts that some situations are outside of Web Designs Orange control and as such we cannot be held liable.
  15. Web Designs Orange does not take responsibility for the clients website in terms of data backups, website backups or data retention during or after the project. If the website or data is lost during a project Web Designs Orange cannot be held liable and new hourly rates may apply to resolve any such situation. If this is a requirement by the customer extra costs will be incurred and must be negotiated in writing.
  16.  Please be aware there are no refunds available on services provided by WebDesigns Orange.
  17.  Our standard hourly rate for website consulting is $99 per hour, but this can change depending on the nature of the work. Lower hourly rates can be achieved through the use of maintenance plans.
  18.  We recommend the customer provide photos of their business taken by a professional photographer to get the best look for their new website. Photos make a dramatic difference to the overall presentation of your website.
  19.  WebDesigns Orange reserves the right to terminate the agreement in any of the following circumstances:The customer does not contact / respond to requests by email or telephone within ten (60) working days. The customer deviates from the signed brief without paying additional fees if required to do so and quoted on additional work required.  The customer fails to provide content and any additional information requested by deadlines stated. In the event of any of the above stated occurrences, WebDesigns Orange may terminate the agreement with written notice to the customer. No refunds whatsoever will be made to the customer, and WebDesigns Orange will retain funds received. Should the customer wish to resume the agreement, a written request must be sent to WebDesigns Orange for consideration within ten (10) working days of receipt of the termination notice.
  20. The customer acknowledges by entering into a website agreement with Web Designs Orange that due diligence will be taken to reply promptly to requests in order to complete the project when work has commenced. Both parties agree that if no contact has been made in a 60 day period that the project is considered completed and any payments taken by Web Designs Orange will be kept as a form of compensation for services undertaken during the project even if the project isn’t completed. It is the clients responsibility to maintain regular communication not Web Designs Orange in order to complete the project.
  21. The customer agrees that should WebDesigns Orange undertake any tasks dependent on third party services, including but not limited to 3rd party APIs, website services and libraries (e.g. Twitter API, Google Maps API, Facebook API), WebDesigns Orange cannot be held responsible for changes made to the third party service in question. This includes but is not limited to removal of support services, or changes the way in which a service is implemented. Should any further work be required as a result of such a change, WebDesigns Orange will be required to quote and charge for the additional work on a case by case basis.
  22. Web Designs Orange cannot be held liable for any loss of data, website information, loss of revenue to the client or disruption to the clients business during any work Web Designs Orange is engaged on with the client. The client accepts that some situations are outside of Web Designs Orange control.
  23. Clients accept that Web Designs Orange utilise a range of applications, plugin-ins, website and DNS hosting mediums to provide the right fit for client requirements. In entering into work with Web Designs Orange clients approve our best judgement in offering value services to achieve requested outcomes. Clients cannot hold Web Designs Orange liable if the website is negatively affected by one of these installed plugins, applications, hosting providers or otherwise. Many of these areas will update over time or need updates and as a result can affect the operation of a website and may lead to data loss. Due to this the client accepts this is not Web Designs Orange responsibility and as such cannot be held liable for loss or downtime as a result.
  24. Web Designs Orange make use of paid content for Logos, Websites and other services undertaken for clients. This means that at times for a paid logo design you may receive an altered version of an original artwork created by another designer. These paid designs come with a commercial license giving unrestricted use of the content without the need for attribution. Web Designs Orange cannot be held liable for using such artworks or online content in designing your work and you accept that your design may be used elsewhere. This is a common practice by designers and it’s your personal touches on this content that makes your logo unique.
  25. Web Designs Orange cannot be held liable for your logo, website or other design work that turns out to not meet a future requirement such as not working well on clothing, signage or any other use. Web Designs Orange uses best practices to produce logos but cannot forsee every use case for your design work so therefore if issues arise down the track as a result of our work we cannot be held liable. In that case we are happy to relook at what your new needs are and quote accordingly.
  26. It is understood that when signoff is completed on a website or logo that web designs orange bears no future liability to that item and any issues as a result of the design is not the responsibility of web designs orange. The client has time to make any ammendments during the design phase and once they sign off are stating that the design is perfect and complete.
  27. Web Designs Orange if engaged to undertake work on an existing website, or existing system or any type that has been developed by an external party we cannot be held liable if there are issues associated as a result of the previous developers existing code. We will do our best to follow best practice to improve existing sites within the limitations of their platform or code that was used. If problems arise we will provide support to resolve the situation where possible but cannot be held liable for financial losses or data breaches.
  28. Web Designs Orange offers a best effort backup service, whereas if you are on a maintenance plan offering backups, best effort implies that we will perform the backup as stated but testing these backups is outside of the scope of maintenance plans and if required would need to be negotiated at an extra cost. This means that no backup taken is tested and in the event of an unsuccessful restore of a backup taken by Web Designs Orange we cannot be held liable for data loss, or financial loss to your business as a result of the failed restore. Your data is ultimately your responsibility to test, check and keep safe. If you are concerned speak to us about testing your backups today.
  29. Web Designs Orange bears no liability for future dispute cases over the look or design or your website or logo. The client accepts that the logo or website they request design doesn’t breach intellectual property laws, patents, copyright etc The client accepts that they cannot take another persons design and request Web Designs Orange to complete it. If this is done and Web Designs Orange isn’t aware of the copyright infringements the client bares responsibility for this.
  30. In undertaking a working contract with Web Designs Orange the Client accepts that Web Designs Orange works with other 3rd party businesses in development, SEO, design and all other services of the business in order to provide the right services for the quoted project. This provides the client the best possible return on investment.
  31. Web Designs Orange takes no responsibility for charges or fees associated through 3rd parties as part of your campaign and as such cannot be held liable. Any such costs are between the client and the 3rd party to resolve. Web Designs Orange will offer advice and assistance where possible but ultimately has no control over 3rd party companies.
  32. At the end of a management campaign Web Designs Orange no longer has sole control over created accounts through 3rd party advertising or associated digital marketing services, and therefore cannot be held liable if there are data breaches, or costs that arise outside the management period. The client takes full ownership of responsibilities when ending the campaign. Web Designs Orange will offer support or advice where possible to assist the client if issues arise but cannot be held liable.